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Burgeoning R&B singer Patience Roy’al performs as part of this year’s 1Hood Day

“They helped me a lot with my performance, and I’m more knowledgeable about the music industry as a whole.”


Patience Roy’al supposes that her interest in music goes back even longer than she can remember. “Since I was in my mom’s womb, my dad was always singing to me,” she says. “I guess that’s where, unconsciously, my love for music came from.”

Now a burgeoning R&B singer herself, Roy’al will perform as part of this year’s annual 1Hood Day. The two-day festival celebrates all facets of hip-hop culture, from MC-ing to DJ-ing to graffiti.

Thursday (Aug. 11, hip hop’s nationally recognized birthday) will feature young up-and-comers from around the city including Roy’al, Ink, Lyn Starr, Bird and others. Friday’s lineup features some of 1Hood’s more established performers (Jasiri X, Blak Rapp Madusa and Jordan Montgomery, to name a few), and Detroit-based performer and poet Jessica Care Moore appears along with Mississippi rapper David Banner.

Eighteen-year-old Roy’al, who was introduced to 1Hood Media by a teacher, is a perfect example of the boost young musicians can get from the hip-hop collective, which aims to build up young artists and unite communities through music. “They helped me a lot with my performance, and I’m more knowledgeable [about] the music industry as a whole,” says Roy’al, who plans to release her first EP this fall. “It’s nice to know what I’ll be getting myself into.”

There’s also built-in support from other artists. For her sweetly confident debut single, “Tranquility” — which recently found some air time on WAMO — she joined forces with 1Hood rappers Idasa Tariq and Tyhir Frost. “I’m a singer, but I also want to dabble in rapping,” says Roy’al, who cites Erykah Badu and Kendrick Lamar as inspirations. “So being in 1Hood and being around rappers, it helps my confidence.”

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