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Blue Velvet

David Lynch’s 1986 twisted melodrama get a theatrical re-release



The pretty little town of Lumberton; Bobby Vinton crooning; and a severed ear lying on the lawn. David Lynch’s melodramatic 1986 thriller probed beneath the veneer of charming Americana to reveal a dark, sexually violent underbelly that both repulses and attracts (themes Lynch would revisit in 1989 on TV’s Twin Peaks). Blue Velvet is gorgeously shot, twisted, hallucinatory and, given Lynch’s occasionally maddening style, highly watchable. Kyle MacLachlan is our wide-eyed guide; the film also stars Isabella Rossellini, Laura Dern, Dean Jones and, indelibly, Dennis Hopper as the sadistic, drug-fueled Frank Booth. Screens in a new 30th-anniversary digital restoration.

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