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Get mystical: Higgs returns to MoGlo tomorrow



Perhaps it makes me a bad rock journalist, but I'm not a major collector. I recently realized there are only a couple of artists I feel the completist compulsion toward: Arthur Russell is one, and Daniel Higgs is another.

I attempted last spring to sum Higgs up in 400 words or so, as he was to appear at Morning Glory Coffeehouse in Morningside. The show last year was Higgsian all around: I recall babies attending, as well as dogs. I remember singalongs, and Higgs's giant banjo. Much of his newer material -- some of it straight-up storytelling with some autoharp drone -- was simple but transcendent.

Lo! Higgs returns: he'll be back at Morning Glory tomorrow night (Saturday, the 30th) and so will I. Come join us and learn about the universal alphabet, and puppet-heads and all that. The Dutch Stellar OM Source appears as well; it kicks off around 7:30.

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