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Live and Local War of the Worlds on Radio Tonight



Tickets for tonight’s performance of Bricolage Productions’ 75th-anniversary recreation of Orson Welles’ infamous Halloween-eve War of the Worlds are sold out. But you can still enjoy the show, arguably in its purest form — on the radio.

At 9 p.m. tonight, tune in to 90.5 WESA for a live broadcast of this radio adaptation of the H.G. Wells novel — just how Welles’ Mercury Theater of the Air did it!

Welles and company’s audio-only 1938 staging of Howard Koch’s script was so convincing that a million or more CBS-radio listeners apparently thought a real Martian attack was under way. (There’s a great Radiolab installment on the whole thing.)

The Bricolage show reprises the company's own terrific 2010 production, which marked the first time anyone had put on WOW here in a while.

The current staging, which Ted Hoover raved about in his review for CP , stars Paul Guggenheimer, Randy Kovitz, Jason McCune and Sean Sears, with Tami Dixon on sound effects, all directed by Jeff Carpenter. There’s even live music, by the Ortner-Roberts duo.

And if you want to see the show in person, performances continue through Nov. 9. More info here.

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