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Marble coasters, douchey bro sunglasses and more!



Welcome to another edition of Localism! Today, we look at some items for sale on Etsy from Pittsburgh-based crafters and resellers.

Marble coasters from Two Crafty Chickies

— These tumbled marble coasters are pretty cool, if you're the coaster type. And the marble type.

— It's that lovey-dovey time of year, and this dinosaur Valentine, from our friends at Alternate Histories, might be the perfect way to tell your honey that s/he makes your cold blood run warm.

— This may be my favorite Etsy listing in quite some time: douchey bro sunglasses.

These look neat, but what are cabochons? I don't know anything.

— This is basically exactly what the title says it is: Occupied Japan/ Victorian Lady on the Commode Figurine.


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