Community organizes #WeLoveShadow event to show support after club receives complaints



Customers and musicians who have played at East Liberty's Shadow Lounge are throwing a free party Sunday, Sept. 23 at the venue in response to news that its owner received several mysterious complaints earlier this summer from regulatory agencies.

They plan to show up with signs explaining why they love the Shadow Lounge, and hope to attract enough attention to show the parties behind the complaints that the community stands behind the night club, says Lani Redinger, operations director at Nakturnal, a marketing and event planning firm located in East Liberty.

News of the complaints was first published in the City Paper article, Out of the Shadows, in late August.

The event is open to guests 21 and older. It will run from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. DJs for the event are still being confirmed and will be announced on the Shadow Lounge's Facebook page.

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