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American Reunion

The American Pie gang is back, and so are the same old jokes



The high school gang originally chronicled in 1999's American Pie meets up for its class reunion 13 years later. This is the fourth episode (following forays into college and marriage), and reunites the original cast for another round of bawdy jokes. It doesn't break any new ground, even trundling out the same cookie-cutter characters, jokes and throwbacks to earlier jokes. (Not surprisingly, everybody is still having trouble getting laid, whether married, swingle or Jim's dad.)

It's unlikely that this puerile outing, directed by Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, was intended to be anything other than another vulgar comedy in the long line of vulgar comedies the original Pie helped spawn. Yet — and this is by no means an endorsement — Reunion plays almost as a meta-text on the empty celebration of revisiting the past: Just as adults come to realize that one's youth wasn't as fantastic as one's selective memories suggest, so, too, must we consider that perhaps American Pie wasn't really that funny in the first place. Reunion might just be that annoying class clown that we've all outgrown.

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