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A soundtrack to help crush fascism

Featuring music from X-Ray Spex, Vince Staples, Gil Scott-Heron and more



If you haven’t been living under the great rock of privilege, you are well aware of the fact that the KKK and neo-Nazis are in the streets, inflicting violence on people of color, Jews, queer folks and pretty much anyone they can get their mayonnaise-coated hands on, all in the name of defending “white culture,” or whatever. 

Taking to the streets to combat that kind of disgusting, reprehensible behavior requires a good pump-up playlist. Here is just a small playlist of songs that can be your soundtrack to crushing fascism and the white-supremacist capitalist patriarchy that gives those fascists power. To quote local artist The Childlike Empress, “Fuck a pacifist. Pass a fist!” 

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