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Winter Guide Answer Key 

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Winter Guide Cryptogram

Moisture in the form of rain showers

Maybe a little bit of filtered sunshine briefly

Eighteen was our launching pad this morning

One last fly-in-the-ointment moving through

Warm inside, but cold outside

Bob's got pretty decent legs for a guy

Winter Guide Word Search


Answer: Re-assembled dinosaur

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1. Additional snowflake
2. Color of hat and gloves changed
3. Pirates logo added to scarf
4. Right eye is rolling
5. He grew a moustache
6. Bolt added to left arm
7. Tattoo on left arm
8. Beer bottle in hand
9. Snowman changed to cookie
10. Right leg amputated

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Answers: 1-D; 2-E; 3-B; 4-F; 5-A; 6-C; 7-J; 8-K; 9-H; 10-G; 11-I; 12-O; 13-L; 14-M; 15-M