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30 Minutes or Less

Save nearly two hours by not seeing this unfunny comedy



Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) directs this so-called comedy, loosely based on the failed pizza-man-wearing-a-neck-bomb robbery in Erie. In essence, it's a double buddy-comedy, with one pair of foul-mouthed doofuses -- bratty loser Dwayne (Danny McBride) and dumb loser Travis (Reno 911's Nick Swardson) -- forcing another duo, composed of pizza-delivery loser Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) and schoolteacher loser Chet (Parks and Rec's Aziz Ansari), to rob a bank. Nick has been strapped up with a chest bomb, set to detonate in a few hours. Disregarding the controversy over this film's clear lift from a real event (which had a decidedly unfunny outcome), there's a some slender bones of decent structure here, in which several bumbling parties can't quite see a criminal act through to fruition. But any entertainment 30 Minutes might offer is buried by the "jokes," an unceasing, unfunny stream of puerile sex talk and f-words. My job held me hostage at this mess, but it's a fate you can avoid.

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