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27 Dresses

A straight-up chick flick about a perennial bridesmaid.



Check 'em off: earnest, likable heroine with mild self-esteem issues; Mr. Right, who seems so wrong; Mr. Wrong, who seems so right; acid-tongued best pal; bubble-headed sylph who plows through men; a sing-along to-the-oldies scene; and series of silly weddings capped off by one heartfelt ceremony. Yet despite its allegiance to the genre's imperatives, Anne Fletcher's rom-com has a couple things to keep it feeling fresh. One is Kathryn Heigl, who is a game comedienne as the never-quite-married Jane. The other is the awesome collection of titular dresses, all relics of Jane's altar sidebars. A tip of the big lacy hat to costume designer Catherine Marie Thomas, who must have had a blast dreaming up 27 different bridesmaid's dresses -- each uniquely hideous, yet still believable.


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