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Gertrude Stein political club endorses Sestak, mentions Onorato honorably



The venerable and honorable Gertrude Stein Club of Greater Pittsburgh has issued its endorsements for the 2010 election. Statewide, Democrat Joe Sestak garnered the endorsement of the Pittsburgh-based organization, which is devoted to gender equity and LGBT rights. Sestak's backing is no surprise, since he scores highly on gay-friendly issue scorecards. The gruop made no endorsement in the governor's race, although Democratic nominee Dan Onorato did receive some qualitifed support.

The other Gertrude Stein endorsees are: 

US Congress, 14th District: Ed Bortz (Green Party)

US Congress, 18th District: Dan Connolly (D)

State House, 19th District: Jake Wheatley (D)

State House, 23rd District: Dan Frankel (D)

State House, 24th District: Joe Preston (D)

State Senate, 38th District: Jim Ferlo (D)

All of which makes sense to me (though the Club endorsed Wheatley's opponent, former city councilor Tonya Payne, in the Democratic primary earlier this year). In the 14th Congressional District, incumbent Democrat Mike Doyle did get an "honorable mention," indicating that he has a significant amount of common ground with the club's political vision. But after all, Doyle is pro-life, whereas the club is committed to protecting a woman's right to choose. 

State Rep. Chelsa Wagner, who represents the South Hills, also got an honorable mention

As for Onorato ... the Club endorsed progressive-without-a-prayer Joe Hoeffel in the spring. But Onorato walked away with the party's nomination, and the Club gave him an honorable mention as well. In a release explaining the endorsement, the club credits Onorato for "solid recent support for countywide LGBT protections" while noting that in the past he's been "less supportive of the LGBT community." 

The Club also notes Onorato's "mixed/nuanced stance on women's issues." Given Onorato's frantic positioning on the abortion question, I'm taking that line to be a bit of wry understatement. 

But God knows he's a couple steps up from Republican Tom Corbett.  


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