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Blogs That Aren't Here Any More



This space laments the departure of The Burgh Report, which has inarguably been the city's premiere blog for local news junkies

Why did the shadowy Burgher depart the scene? He e-mailed both WTAE's Bob Mayo and I the following a few minutes ago:

You have to choose your enemies wisely because they will come to define you.
At some point you have to realize that certain caves are too dark for your flashlight. Either change caves or get a bigger flashlight. I couldn't get a bigger flashlight in my current situation.
I could do a thousands posts detailing how a former D-III placekicker is unqualified -- ethically and professionally -- to be the Mayor, but I've come to the conclusion that the best way to move Pittsburgh forward would be for me to direct my energy elsewhere.
Maintaining my anonymity was too much stress to deal with.


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