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New Works by Local Composers Highlight Concerts


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The OvreArts music project performs a supremely local show tonight and Saturday, the Mussorgsky-nodding Pittsburghers at an Exhibition.

The free performance features an octet of local classical musicians, and is conducted by Pittsburgh Philharmonic music director and Carnegie Mellon graduate Edward Leonard. But that’s not the only local talent involved. OvreArts composers acquired works by Pittsburgh-based visual artists and interpreted them into 14 brand-new compositions that will premiere alongside the visuals they were designed to compliment.

Highlights include Emily Jones’ “Assemble Yourself” (based on the minimalist color-fields of Nancy Brooks-Brody’s “Moon and Sea”) and Chris Massa’s “Ones and Zeros” (based on the politically incisive sci-fi of “There Are Black People in the Future,” by Alisha Wormsley).

The events are being staged with help from the Braddock Carnegie Library Art Lending Collection, a service where patrons can check out pieces of visual art, including several of the pieces on display at Pittsburghers.

You can catch the first performance tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the Heinz Memorial Chapel in Oakland, 4200 Fifth Ave., or see it again this Sat., May 3, at 2p.m. in the Braddock Carnegie Library, 419 Library St., Braddock.

Ovrearts is Heinz Memorial Chapel's resident community of composers, conductors and musicians.

More information is here.


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