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Tomorrow at Small's — Second Empire CD release



If you like your metal with a healthy dose of symphonic bombast, the event for you this weekend is the release show for a new EP from locals Second Empire.

The four-piece, which has been around since 2011, is releasing a five-song EP that mixes shredding guitars, strong and sincere vocals and some strings and tuneful percussion and the like. It's dramatic and aggressive, mixing chugga-chugga metal breakdown stuff with soaring, anthemic parts.

One of the tunes on the CD, "The Valley Beneath," has a video, which you can check out here:

In addition to Second Empire, the show features XDB (the band of local shredder Xander Demos), Butler County metal outfit Klaymore, Stark, and Forever in Fear. Starts at 6:30 tomorrow (Sat., June 15), it's $10 a head, and if you buy four tickets, you get a free copy of the CD. The whole thing is put on with the help of Sardonyx Productions.

Happy (and perhaps epic) weekend!

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