Win tickets to see Dethlehem tomorrow (Saturday) | FFW>>

Win tickets to see Dethlehem tomorrow (Saturday)



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Attention, goodly sirs and damsels:

Tomorrow evening at Stage AE, Pittsburgh most ridiculous and most popular metal band, Dethlehem, returns to the stage after a lineup change. The show is $8 and doors open at 8, but you can WIN two tickets for FREE right now via FFW>>.

How? I will tell you how.

I am going to roll a 12-sided die. Right now. I will tell Dethlehem's Overlord Brom what number I rolled. You, below, in the comments, will guess one (1) number between 1 and 12. The first person to guess the right number — or the closest guesser by 2 p.m. today, if no one has hit it by then — will win two spots on Dethlehem's guest list for tomorrow night's show.

Play fair; I can tell if you're stuffing the ballot box entering multiple times. Also, please use your real e-mail address when you comment, so that we can contact you.

Thanks for playing!

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