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MP3 Monday: The Ceiling Stares



Yo ninjas. It's Monday and it's cloudy and rainy and you need some rock 'n roll, stat. That's what The Ceiling Stares, or, (The ceiling stares.) or whatever, are here for.

Why do you know that name? Perhaps because I wrote about them a couple months back, and you read everything I write and take it to heart because you like me that much. Or because you know somebody who knows somebody who's in the band, because there's five of them and they've all been in five other bands. Either way.

This is one of my favorite songs of theirs -- it perfectly sums up their combination of airy '60s psyche rock and sensible, distortiony '80s/'90s indie rock. Download it and let it make you feel a little better about this ugly day.

The Ceiling Stares: Tunnel Through the Air

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