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MP3 Monday: Liverball


Happy Presidents Day! This post has nothing to do with presidents at all. I just thought I'd get that part out of the way.

What this post IS about is: Liverball. They were an early-to-mid-'90s punk band from around these parts who recorded some tunes then peaced; last year, the band re-formed with a new rhythm section (the bass position had been rotating during the band's tenure, and original drummer Mike Grimes passed away).

A few weeks ago they released a full-length that comprises songs from two early-'90s recording sessions. This week's MP3 Monday track is from that album, which benefits a memorial fund for the late drummer Grimes. Details on where you can purchase the album are available on the band's Myspace page.

Download and enjoy!

Liverball - Look Crush

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