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Sort Of Records 3 rd Anniversary Show



Last May, we ran a feature story on local record label Sort Of Records, responsible for some of the more interesting music coming out of these parts in recent years. The label, run by Raymond Morin, celebrates its third anniversary this weekend, with three of the label's flagship acts performing this Sat., June 20 at Brillobox (4104 Penn Ave., Bloomfield).

The performers are Daryl Fleming & The Public Domain, Morin's acoustic duo Pairdown, and David Bernabo + Assembly. All three have releases on the label: Fleming's 2008 album The Blockhouse & Bloodhound Sessions; Pairdown's several CDR releases and new Holykyle vinyl LP; and Bernabo's extensive catalog, soon to include Happener-Magicker, which will be released in July.

Visit Sort Of Records' main Web site for details.

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