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Blackberry Studios’ Election Night party



Even if your candidate of choice didn't win the presidency last week, odds are pretty good you woke up with an "Obamover" on Wednesday morning. (If you work for an alt-weekly, it was pretty much mandatory.) At Lawrenceville-based Blackberry Studios, spirits were high and "Black President" blasted from the soundsystem, as the studio and owner Eric Graf celebrated Election Night with a boozy blowout which included short sets by some current clients.

As the results rolled in, performing a couple of songs each were rapper M-Sceazy, singer-songwriter Elliott Sussman, and Graf's band The 9th Ward, all of whom are putting the final touches on new recordings due out by the end of the year. During The 9th Ward's micro-set, a friend who was monitoring the TV in the next room ran up to Graf mid-song and yelled in his ear. If my fuzzy memory serves me right, Graf announced Obama's win -- and proposed a toast -- while still playing. The night offered a fun, local-music-scene twist on an international, historical milestone.

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