Pittsburgh City Paper editorial cartoonist Jen Sorensen named Pulitzer Finalist


Jen Sorensen
  • Jen Sorensen
One of Sorensen's Pulitzer-nominated cartoons from 2016
  • One of Sorensen's Pulitzer-nominated cartoons from 2016

Jen Sorensen, Pittsburgh City Paper's weekly syndicated editorial cartoonist, has been named a 2017 Pulitzer Prize Finalist in Editorial Cartooning. She was chosen for "a thoughtful and powerful selection of work appearing in a variety of U.S. publications and often challenging the viewer to look beyond the obvious," according to the announcement, where you can also view her nominated work.

It's no surprise to us at City Paper. Sorensen's award-winning cartoons, found each week in our news section, were one of the few things that helped get us through last year's painful election season. We highlighted some of our favorite comic strips on Election Day 2016 here.

City Paper has been running Sorensen's strips since 2015, when we did a Q&A with the artist as a launch to the feature. One notable question from that interview that still seems timely:

CP: Though it might decrease demand for your political strip, do you wish anything would just change about American society?

Sorensen: Yes, absolutely. I would much rather that we live in a just and fair society, and then I could go back to drawing more cartoons about hipsters. That would be great.

As long as we have to deal with the current government, let's at least be glad we have artists like Sorensen to document the struggle.

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