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Campaign 2016’s Silly Season: A Weekly Tweet Round-Up Oct. 16


We slog through the twitter streams of the 2016 Presidential candidates and give you a weekly round-up of the more entertaining ones, every Friday.

This week's debate among the contenders for the Democratic primary got the GOPers tweeting.

Self-professed Christian Mike Huckabee made a cheap joke at the expense of people living in abject poverty.

Trump gave a review.

[Using scary TV-ad voice]: "Lindsey Graham couldn't even watch a two-hour debate. Can he really stand up to ISIS?"


Meanwhile, Rand Paul spent the debate day live-streaming himself.

Kasich and Cruz make strong showings this week with bad new signage:

There's either too many or not enough periods here. Also, meaningless and unclear.


Is that a cloud behind Cruz, or is he actually on fire?


Jeb! visited a volunteer office, presumably to deliver that supply of exclamation points (!!!) on the wall.


"Campaign Mustang." Don't ever change, America.

And speaking of muscle cars: Proving there is life after flaming out (twice) in the presidential primary, Rick Perry took a road trip this week, driving a 1970s Chevelle from California to Texas, posting photos along the way. It looks like a blast, and whole lot more fun than running for president.

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