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Trailer for Sale or Rent: The Boy Next Door


This film was not screened for critics locally, so we took a look at the trailer.

Film: The Boy Next Door
Opening Date: Fri., Jan. 23
Stars: Jennifer Lopez
Necessary Info: A high school teacher gets it on with one of her students; obsession ensues

Trailer Analysis:
If you have half an inkling to see this, you might want to skip the trailer which seems to give away everything but the end (which you can probably guess). Besides a huge plot dump, we get the familiar teasers of the genre: a car accident, knife, woman in bra and panties, gun, rain, a man standing around being shirtless and obsessive, and a printer going beserk.

Sample dialogue: “No judgments, no rules, just us.”

Based on these 2:31 minutes, should you go? If you dig these cheesy psychosexual thrillers, you can never see too many. 

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