Buy records at Mind Cure this weekend, help hurricane-stricken WFMU-FM


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As many fans of New Jersey-based WFMU-FM already know, the independent, listener supported station — which has a lot of internet-listening fans in Pittsburgh— suffered considerable electrical and water damage at the cruel hand of Sandy. To make matters worse, the hurricane also forced the cancellation of WFMU's 2012 Record Fair, scheduled to take place in New York City this weekend. As they posted today, “the cancellation of the record fair is a financial disaster for us: it turns an event that would've raised $70,000 into an event that loses almost that much.”

The good folks at Mind Cure Records had planned to attend the WFMU record fair, but instead will be donating 10% of their Saturday and Sunday sales to the station. So go treat yourself to some of the nice stuff they had set aside to sell in New York. And if you already have all the records you need (haha!) you can also donate cash money directly.


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