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Armstrong ... GOP strongarm?



You may recall that last week, we brought you the news that Armstrong Cable was offering the film 2016: Obama's America to subscribers for free. While the story noted that the family running parent company Armstrong Group, the Sedwicks, were big givers to GOP causes, I could find no record of them supporting Mitt Romney directly.

Well, that was then. But since that story came out, new fundraising reports have come in. And it turns out that late last month, Armstrong Chair Jay Sedwick now has contributed $5,000 -- the maximum allowable -- to Romney. What's more, the 2016 airing may not be the only time Armstrong has been willing to help conservatives gain some cable access. Courtesy of our friends at Early Returns, we now learn that Armstrong execs have-- almost overnight -- become big players in supporting SuperPACs. The Sunlight Foundation calls Armstrong an "intriguing newcomer" on the list of big-dollar supporters. The firm has given $1.3 million of "in-kind cable access" -- free advertising, essentially -- to American Crossroads, the SuperPAC co-founded by Karl Rove. The value of that airtime vaults Armstrong into the ranks of some of the top players in the SuperPAC game.

On the other hand, I'm now informed by a subscriber that Armstrong has rescinded its free offer 2016 for free.

Stay tuned.

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