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Stolen rabbits and packed lunches



It's that time of the week: Time to take a look at crimes and misdemeanors that have taken place recently in the Pittsburgh suburbs, with the help of local Patch websites.

In Whitehall, a pet rabbit — with its cage — was stolen from someone's back porch, which basically proves that rabbits aren't very good guard dogs.

In Edgewood, several major stories: Power Wheels stolen from outside a home! Two Wendy's employees arguing with one another over money! A sick raccoon! (Was it or was it not the Edgewood raccoon from last week that evaded capture after breaking into a trash can?)

And just now breaking in Plum, some very serious business indeed:


Hope everyone's safe out there. Anyone with any details — PB&J? Lunchables? Were there granola bars? — feel free to update us.

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