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The 52nd Street Market in Lawrenceville hopes to serve all residents

"Our plan is to carry a variety of products from chipped ham to quinoa."



As a lifelong Lawrenceville resident, Deirdre Kane knows how important the former Bloomfield Market was to the local community. So when the local landmark on 52nd Street closed, it was sorely missed.

"I used to frequent that market during my entire childhood," Kane says. "I've had family members work there over the years. It's important."

So important that Kane and her friend, Dora Walmsley, decided to raise the funds and go into business together. Their new venture, the 52nd Street Market, opened March 1.

Walmsley has lived in Lawrenceville for about eight years. The pair met while working in the neighborhood's community gardens, and they were considering a small urban farm when the market became available.

When the women surveyed residents to find out what kind of products they wanted, they discovered folks wanted a mix of affordable basics as well as organic and sustainable products. The market, Walmsley says, tries to offer both. All of the soap is organic, for example, and paper products like towels are made sustainably, and from recycled material.

"Our plan is to carry a variety of products from chipped ham to quinoa," she explains.

Kane adds that neighborhood residents indicated they weren't happy with the offerings at nearby grocery stores, so the market will offer a variety of fresh and local produce.

"We're definitely here for everybody," Kane says.

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