Pittsburgh City Paper Theater Critic Rips Shakespeare on 'Studio 360'


If you’ve ever wondered why City Paper’s longtime lead theater critic, Ted Hoover, never reviews Shakespeare, we’ve left it to this ace nationally syndicated radio magazine to publicize the answer.

In a segment that premiered last week, Hoover explains why he thinks Shakespeare, despite centuries of adulation, actually stinks.

The seven-minute segment, available online, starts at about the show's 34-minute mark.

If you’ve never checked out Studio 360, this is a great excuse. The amusing yet insightful interview continues the program’s informal series on “things you hate that everyone else loves.” (Andy Newman, a Studio 360 producer, knew Hoover from Newman’s days, some years ago, as CP’s editor.)

Studio 360 (which airs locally on Sundays on WESA 90.5 FM) is produced by WYNC and PRI.

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